All the songs on this album titled father forgive me, was written by Albert Prince during his life growing moments of hardship. Every song reveals the scares of past embracing memories,which flows from his mind with one out pouring studio production achievement. The mountain of life once stood before him, failed and rest ashore by the grace of God the father through christ our lord. These words are a living testimony to help everyone through hard times and encourage others to write their life experience in a good clean way. Hopefully, these songs may inspire others to discovers their true self, and find the hidden talent deep within themselvies. There is a song in everyone, find it and put it on paper, its the same way as writing a love letter are poem. Believed in yourselves like Albert did, search for answers,ask for help, take a stand in life and change the coast in your journey. Albert is ready to help everyone with his song writing? production skill presentation. Speak with your clubs and churches; drop him a note, his presentation is free. May the lord our God continue to bless you.

Track list

I Am He (4:07)
Merciful And Forgiving (3:43)
Goodbye World (3:32)
Heaven Open Doors (2:37)
I Lift Up My Eyes (3:58)
He Sets Me Free (3:38)
Come He Faithful And Bless (3:52)
I Walk The Other Way (3:44)